Sando and Wraps
Sando is a Japanese-style sandwich with a delicious difference in every bite.

It starts with the bread – a fluffy white loaf called Shokupan. At Sushi Daily, we like to do things our own way, so we added sourdough starter and sweet, creamy oats. So it's tastier – and healthier – than traditional white bread.

Between the slices, magic happens. We take classic sandwich fillings and give them a twist with surprising Japanese ingredients like fluffy Japanese omelette, pickled cabbage, spicy tonkatsu sauce and chicken katsu.
Sushi-San is like onigiri's big brother

Onigiri is a popular Japanese snack made with crisp, paper-thin nori wrapped around soft, white sushi rice, inside which is a tasty filling. Sushi-san – named in honour of our Master of Sushi, Yamamoto-san – is a grown-up version, offering a more satisfying mouthful. In the heart of each wrap is a flavour sensation.

Salmon and herbal cream cheese, prawn mayonnaise, cheese and pickle veggie. And because each Sushi-San is a big handful, there's more room for deliciousness.
Light, fresh sushi rolls, wrapped in lettuce & rice paper.
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